Aldinucci, M., Agosta, G., Andreini, A., Ardagna, C. A., Bartolini, A., Cilardo, A., … & Torquati, M. (2021, May). The Italian research on HPC key technologies across EuroHPC. In Proceedings of the 18th ACM international conference on computing frontiers (pp. 178-184).




High-Performance Computing (HPC) is one of the strategic priorities for research and innovation worldwide due to its relevance for industrial and scientific applications. We envision HPC as composed of three pillars: infrastructures, applications, and key technologies and tools. While infrastructures are by construction centralized in large-scale HPC centers, and applications are generally within the purview of domain-specific organizations, key technologies fall in an intermediate case where coordination is needed, but design and development are often decentralized. A large group of Italian researchers has started a dedicated laboratory within the National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics (CINI) to address this challenge. The laboratory, albeit young, has managed to succeed in its first attempts to propose a coordinated approach to HPC research within the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, participating in the calls 2019–20 to five successful proposals for an aggregate total cost of 95M€. In this paper, we outline the working group’s scope and goals and provide an overview of the five funded projects, which become fully operational in March 2021, and cover a selection of key technologies provided by the working group partners, highlighting their usage development within the projects.