ACROSS @ 33rd International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications

The ACROSS project was present at the 33rd International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL’23), organized by Chalmers University. […]

ACROSS @ 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture

The ACROSS project was present at the 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture, organized by GAIA EPICHEIREIN. […]

ACROSS Newsletter #4

A new issue of the ACROSS newsletter is out! In this issue, some of the positive outcomes achieved so far […]


The ACROSS project is going to be present at the ISC’23. Come to visit us at the booth hosted by […]

The ACROSS project contribution to major EU initiatives such as Destination Earth presented by ECMWF and ETP4HPC at the general assembly meeting held in Sassenheim

ETP4HPC General Assembly

The ACROSS project contribution to major EU initiatives such as Destination Earth presented by ECMWF and ETP4HPC at the general assembly meeting […]

It4innovations´ users can try out and compare different hardware architectures

IT4Innovations operates large supercomputers and also smaller complementary systems. They represent emerging, non-traditional, and highly specialised hardware architectures that are […]

Newsletter #3

We just published our third newsletter, read it in the newsletter section and don’t forget to subscribe!

ACROSS in aerospace

Among all the others, Aerospace companies, due to the complexity of their products, can count on a lot of data that could be collected right from the design phases

ACROSS project at Supercomputing 22

The ACROSS project will attend the SC’22 with a booth sharing the space with SEA projects. Come and visit us […]

Progress Meeting

The ACROSS Work Package leaders met in Grenoble for progressing on the development of the technological stack and pilots’ integration.

BoF @ SC’22

On Tuesday 15 November ACROSS will participate to the first edition of the Workflows Community BoF. The event will bring […]

Paper selected as Editor’s Choice

The paper “Distributed workflows with Jupyter” by our colleagues from UNITO has been selected as Editor’s Choice in journal Future […]

Webinar @ HiPEAC: The challenge of HPC, big data and artificial intelligence convergence: the ACROSS approach

Across will present a webinar at HiPEAC on Monday 7 November. Here’s the description: The ACROSS project aims at developing […]

The contribution of supercomputers to early warning systems

High resolution weather forecasts are essential to many sectors, such as agriculture, shipping, aviation, civil protection etc. Climate change affects many weather extremes, such as heat waves, torrential rainfalls, flash floods, tropical cyclones, medicanes (Mediterranean Hurricanes) etc.

Reducing the aero-engine combustor design phase

Computational fluid dynamics plays a crucial role in the design of cooling systems in gas turbine combustors due to the difficulties and costs related to experimental measurements performed in pressurized reactive environments. Despite the massive advances in computational resources in the last years, reactive unsteady and multi-scale simulations of combustor real operating conditions are still computationally expensive.

The use of artificial intelligence tools for the development of future greener aeronautical engines

Among the objectives of the turbine pilot of the ACROSS project, there is the development of new artificial intelligence (AI) […]

ACROSS presence at the High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering 2022 conference

Georg Zitzlsberger (IT4Innovations) presented the ACROSS project during the poster section at HPCSE 2022. HPCSE 2022 conference was held during May […]

The online version of ETP4HPC Handbook of European HPC projects

ETP4HPC has released the Handbook website with many additional features, such as filters and search functionalities that make it useful and easy […]

Big Data-IA-HPC convergence reaching for the ExaFLOP

Contributors: Gabriel Antoniu, Joshua Bowden Scientific simulation is increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze data, the volume of which […]

BORGES – A data system for organizing Earth System Model data around the ICON model

Aiming for improved projections and a better understanding of important climate processes, climate modelling strives for ever higher resolutions in […]

Model speed-up by changing programming language

In hydrological modelling, accurate simulations of hydrological processes not only help to provide reliable discharge simulations for operational water management […]

WP5 achievements in turbine design

In this pilot, KPIs have been partially refined:  time-to-design reduction is always expected >-50% wrt current status while the LES/HPDA […]

ACROSS Progress Meeting – March 2022

The first hybrid progress technical meeting, organized in Turin, Italy from 8th to 10th March by LINKS, helped to summarize […]

Towards Cloud-HPC Continuum: Hybrid Workflow Management as a key enabler

With the breakdown of Dennard scaling and the approaching of the post-Moore era, general-purpose processors can no longer sustain the […]

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the technologies that havea large potential for mitigating CO2 emissions, and can […]