Big Data-IA-HPC convergence reaching for the ExaFLOP

Contributors: Gabriel Antoniu, Joshua Bowden Scientific simulation is increasingly using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze data, the volume of which […]

BORGES – A data system for organizing Earth System Model data around the ICON model

Aiming for improved projections and a better understanding of important climate processes, climate modelling strives for ever higher resolutions in […]

Model speed-up by changing programming language

In hydrological modelling, accurate simulations of hydrological processes not only help to provide reliable discharge simulations for operational water management […]

WP5 achievements in turbine design

In this pilot, KPIs have been partially refined:  time-to-design reduction is always expected >-50% wrt current status while the LES/HPDA […]

ACROSS Progress Meeting – March 2022

The first hybrid progress technical meeting, organized in Turin, Italy from 8th to 10th March by LINKS, helped to summarize […]

Towards Cloud-HPC Continuum: Hybrid Workflow Management as a key enabler

With the breakdown of Dennard scaling and the approaching of the post-Moore era, general-purpose processors can no longer sustain the […]

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the technologies that havea large potential for mitigating CO2 emissions, and can […]

Karolina supercomputer belongs to the world’s top energy-efficient supercomputers

A contract to acquire the most powerful supercomputer in the Czech Republic, which also ranks among the most powerful in […]

ACROSS Progress Meeting

On December 2nd ACROSS virtual Progress Meeting took place. After Milestone 2 has been reached, and the key technologies identified, […]

Towards a greener aviation

Since 1908 Avio Aero design and produce the best-in-class aeronautical components that allow people to fly all around the world safely. […]

ACROSS participation at Supercomputing 2021

ACROSS Project was present at Supercomputing Conference 2021 in St. Louis, USA during November 15–19. The Project Coordinator Olivier Terzo […]

ECMWF strengthens ties with ACROSS partners

The news of the Bonn and Bologna openings brought great enthusiasm among EuroHPC ACROSS project partners, looking forward to cooperating more closely […]