On January 17th, ACROSS will participate to the CONCERTO workshop during the HiPEAC 2024 conference in Munich, Germany.

The 2nd workshop on Projects cross-synergy in advancing Exascale platforms and quantum computing (CONCERTO) aims at fostering discussions among academic researchers and industries being involved in such projects (but it is not limited to) on the identification of the specificities of various projects on one hand, and the creation of synergistic actions on the other side as the building blocks for the creation of next generation Exascale platforms. With a look forward to the new European petascale and pre-exascale systems and the upcoming exascale machines, the workshop provides the unique opportunity for sharing ideas and results regarding the integration of innovative heterogeneous hardware solutions (including a vision on the integration of quantum computing and neuromorphic devices), specific software components and frameworks, as well as the porting of large and complex application workflows.

More info here: https://www.hipeac.net/2024/munich/#/program/sessions/8082/