The ACROSS project will co-design and develop an HPC, BD, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) convergent platform, supporting applications in the:

  • Aeronautics
  • Climate and Weather
  • Energy domains

To this end, ACROSS will leverage on:

  • next generation of pre-exascale infrastructures, still being ready for exascale systems, and on
  • effective mechanisms to easily describe and manage complex workflows
  • Energy efficiency will be achieved by massive use of specialized hardware accelerators,
  • monitoring running systems and applying smart mechanisms of scheduling jobs

ACROSS will combine traditional HPC techniques with AI (specifically ML/DL) and BD analytic techniques to enhance the application test case outcomes (e.g., improve the existing operational system for global numerical weather prediction, climate simulations, develop an environment for user-defined in-situ data processing, improve and innovate the existing turbine aero design system, speed up the design process, etc.). The performance of ML/DL will be accelerated by using dedicated hardware devices