The need for accurate weather forecasts

The growing need for timely and accurate weather forecasts originates from many sectors, such as agriculture, aviation, renewable energy, civil […]

ACROSS participation at HPC I/O in the Data Center Workshop

ACROSS project has been part of the HPC-IODC workshop ( co-located with ISC-2021, where LINKS (A. Scionti) attended as an […]

How HPC Solutions and Technologies should bring value & innovation in the sectors of aeronautics, weather and energy and carbon sequestration

I would like to start this blog by highlighting first the challenges and needs these sectors are experiencing, especially the […]

Leonardo, the new Italian answer to the high performance computing demand

The quest for ever more computing performance in the context of modern scientific and industrial application use cases is pushing […]

Kick-Off meeting Header

Kick-off meeting

The H2020 ACROSS project has just started! ACROSS – HPC Big DAta ArtifiCial Intelligence cross Stack PlatfoRm TOwards ExaScale – will codesign and develop an HPC, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence convergent platform, supporting applications in the Aeronautics, Climate and Weather, and Energy domains.