Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the technologies that have
a large potential for mitigating CO2 emissions, and can also enable
carbon-negative processes.

Before one can commit to large-scale carbon storage operations, it is
essential to do simulation studies to assess the storage potential and safety
of the operation and to optimize the placement and operation of injection
wells. Such simulation is done by computer programs that solve the
equations that describe the motion and state of the fluids and the
porous rocks. In the ACROSS project, we will use OPM Flow, which is an
open-source reservoir simulator program suitable for both industrial
uses as well as research.

Large-scale simulations can take a long time to run, and require
significant high-performance computing resources. In the ACROSS
project, we will improve the performance, scaling, and efficiency of OPM
Flow and workflows using the program.

For more information about the OPM initiative or OPM Flow, see the OPM
website at The source code can be found at

A video tutorial has been created by Tor Harald Sandve from NORCE that
shows how to do CO2 injection simulations, to watch the video go to