Across will present a webinar at HiPEAC on Monday 7 November.

Here’s the description:

The ACROSS project aims at developing an innovative execution platform for serving emerging workflows that mix large and complex numerical simulations along with Big Data analytics, machine learning and deep learning techniques. It aims at co-designing this innovative platform revolving around a large set of advanced hardware and software technologies towards the Exascale level of performance. As such, hardware acceleration technologies will be of primary interest for ACROSS to get the maximum performance while consuming the least amount of energy. ACROSS will move beyond traditional GPUs, integrating and exploiting FPGAs and Neuromorphic hardware and envisioning the adoption of the future European Processor Initiative (EPI) outcomes. Efficient use of compute resources and application performance will be achieved through the design and implementation of innovative workflow and resource management solutions. Three pilots have been selected to demonstrate the capabilities of the ACROSS platform in three relevant industrial and scientific domains: (1) aeronautics pilot; (2) weather, climate, hydrological and farming pilot; and (3) energy and carbon sequestration pilot.